2019 Restaurant/Menu Items

-Each restaurant offers a "taste-sized portion" of a signature menu item. A "Taste" item is only 2 tickets.
-Each ticket is valued at $1.00
-Restaurant menu items are also listed in the Festival Guide. Pick up a full size guide after July 1st at your local TOPS Friendly Markets and at any of the ticket booths during the festival.

Taste of Buffalo Tickets are now $1. Menu Prices Remain the Same.

Food and beverage tickets at the Taste are now valued at $1 dollar each (instead of 50 cents). This means that if an item is priced at one ticket, it costs $1. Previously, that $1 item would have been two tickets. Menu prices have not increased. It's a one-for-one exchange to simplify the festival experience for visitors.

Tickets are sold in $5 sheets and food items range from 1 to 5 tickets ($1-$5) - the same price as they have been for several years.


 = Independent Health Foundation's Healthy Option item is lower in fat, cholesterol and sodium.

= "Taste Item" Each restaurant serves a smaller "Taste" portion of one of their items for only 2 tickets.

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716 Food & Sport
Tent #42
Alex's Place
Tent # 50
Anderson's Frozen Custard
Tent #38
Tent #40
Bavarian Nut Company
Tent #22
Black & Blue Steak and Crab
Tent #26
Buffalo Soul Catering
Tent # 2
BW's Barbecue
Tent #16
Cali Eats
Tent # 1
Caribbean Experience
Tent #56
Carmine's Restaurant
Tent #12
Cheesecake Guy
Tent #35
Cheesy Chick
Tent #21
Chiavetta's BBQ Takeout
Tent #47
Chocolate Bar
Tent #9
Chrusciki Bakery
Tent #37
Clarence Center Coffee Co. & Cafe
Tent #19
Dalmatia Hotel
Tent #7
Danny's Restaurant
Tent #52
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
Tent #55
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