We are excited to continue the Healthy Options program at this year's event. The Healthy Options program was developed to highlight healthy menu items at area restaurants to help combat the rising rates of obesity, stroke, and heart disease in our region. Through a partnership with the Independent Health Foundation, the Taste of Buffalo requires one item from each restaurant to be a Healthy Option.



The Healthy Options entry from each restaurant will be considered in the Healthy Options Awards contest. Each entry must meet the Healthy Options guidelines:  600 calories or less, with 10% or less calories from saturated fat (or about 7g saturated fat for 600 calorie item). Items with over 900 mg of sodium may be asked to lower sodium content.



Your Healthy Options menu item will be highlighted as a Healthy Option in the Taste of Buffalo event guide. A team of judges will sample each item and vote at the event.



Three awards sponsored by the Independent Healthy Foundation will be presented at this year's event to recognize the best tasting Healthy Options items, which will include: $1,000 First Place, $500 Second Place, and $250 Third Place. 

All prizes include recognition on the Healthy Options web site, www.HealthyOptionsBuffalo.com


Here is what you need to do: 

  1. Select a menu item that you would like to have analyzed as your Healthy Options item.  If you are having trouble selecting an item, you may call the Independent Health Foundation for assistance. 
  2. Next, submit your recipe on the attached information form (which will be kept completely confidential) to the Independent Health Foundation.  Online forms are also available at www.healthyoptionsbuffalo.com using the Restaurant Sign Up button. You may mail the recipe form with your restaurant paperwork, or fax to (716) 635-3984 by Friday, March 15.
  3. The Independent Health Foundation staff will then analyze your recipe using a program called NutriBase, in order to make sure your food item fits within the Healthy Options guidelines.  If the item does not meet the guidelines, we will then contact you with suggestions to make it healthier.
  4. Once your item is approved, we will notify you and it will be submitted to the Taste of Buffalo to be added to the event guide.

Please contact the Independent Health Foundation with any questions at (716) 635-4959.



Please complete this form and return with your restaurant paperwork by Friday, March 15th. Please fax to 716-635-3984.

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