Browse the next few pages to find all of the delicious Taste Takeout menu items that are being prepared for July 11 and 12. Some are also available the week after, so you can visit as many places as you’d like over several days.
Keep in mind that most of these dishes are full-sized meals. If you’re looking for more options, check out each restaurant’s website and choose from their regular menu offerings to complement your Taste Takeout.

Check the “How to order” section for the place you’d like to order from. Each business is a little different! Some ask that you call ahead, others want you to order online, and some are accepting walk-ins.

Also check to see who is offering pre-orders, so you can order a few days ahead of time.
You’ll find that in the “How to order” section for each business as well.

Place your order and go to the restaurant, food truck, winery, or Tops Markets location to pick it up when it’s ready. No food tickets necessary! You’ll pay each business directly.

Bring your food home to enjoy, and tune into our Facebook and Instagram channels for some fun Taste entertainment.

Vote for your favorite Taste Takeout before 9pm on July 12th.